Manager's Policy

Policy Statement

Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association Inc commits to providing opportunities for all interested players and officials to represent BWHA at Regional and State Championships. BWHA understands its unique place in this area and its responsibility to ensure a nurturing environment for all members. We will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, and strive to achieve best practice in all areas and equitable opportunities for all. The Representative Team Managers Policy will be available on our Web Site and staff and members will be encouraged to contribute any ideas or suggestions to improve our policy at any time.


We have appointed the Development Department as the Representative Team Managers Policy Coordinator, who has responsibility for ensuring ongoing implementation of and compliance with our policy. This policy will be reviewed each year.


 The Team Manager will maintain complete control and be the final authority whilst on tour. This includes Players, Coach and Umpire unless otherwise advised.

o      In the event of a player acting in an inappropriate manner, whilst a member of a representative team, then a report shall be submitted by the Team Manager to the Management Committee. See the Operations Manual: Representative Teams and Codes of Conduct for further details

If there is more than one team, the Team Manager of the first team is the Senior Manager and all other team managers are under the direction of the Senior Manager.
The Team Manager will ensure that all players have access to nutritious foods at all meal times and encourage them to eat in a healthy manner while on tour.
The Team Manager will accompany the contingent for both forward and return travel, and be accommodated with the contingent.
In conjunction with the BWHA Office, the Team Manager will be responsible for all "Team" monies during the event.

o   Team Managers will be issued with an amount of money to be used for incidental costs including but not limited to washing and phone calls. This money needs to be acquitted on the form provided at the end of the tournament.

o   The Senior Manager will have the BWHA Debit Card to allow payment for fuel (hire cars) and other approved spending.

o   Spending of money outside the approved parameters must be pre-approved by the BWHA Office, as all expenditure must be within the approved budget.

The Team Manager is to check they have all medical consent forms from players and officials in their team. They must clarify all details with the parents/player concerned. These forms must be returned to the BWHA Office after the tournament, so they can be destroyed appropriately.
The BWHA Office will provide contact details of all Players, Coach, Umpire and Physiotherapist/Sports Trainer. This information is subject to the BWHA Privacy Policy and must not be used for any other purpose except in regard to the tournament. This private information must be returned to the BWHA Office at the completion of the tournament to be destroyed.
The Team Manager will attend any official meetings.
The Team Manager will maintain direct contact with BWHA and must advise the BWHA office if any player is not attending training (first clarify with player for full details).
A small “Manager’s Kit” will be issued, with a bag of lollies (1 per team), bandaids, antiseptic cream, tissues, hair slides/clips & ties, sunburn cream.
The Manager will use appropriate language and behaviour at all times as per the BWHA Code of Conduct.
Sign a document advising they have read and will abide by the rules and codes of conduct in regard to BWHA representative teams.
BWHA representative apparel is to be worn where possible when acting in the appointed position. BWHA will provide Managers with a BWHA shirt, which is to be returned after completion of the appointed tournament/program.
Will not provide or organize any team merchandise without the express approval of BWHA.
When liaising with players and parents, all emails must be sent out in BCC (blind carbon copy) to ensure privacy of player information.

 The following procedures will be adhered to:

 Prior to departure

1.1              The BWHA Office will provide contact details of all Players, Coach, Umpire and Physiotherapist/Sports Trainer. This information is subject to the BWHA Privacy Policy and must not be used for any other purpose except in regard to the tournament. This private information must be returned to the BWHA Office at the completion of the tournament to be destroyed.

1.2              Complete the equipment/uniform order request form and ensure that this form has been returned to the office at least (14 days) prior to departure.

1.3              Ensure all players understand travel and accommodation arrangements. Players must travel with their team if this has been organised by BWHA, and wear the approved BWHA walk-out uniform.

1.3.1      Note: If travel has been organised by BWHA, then application to travel separately from teams must accompany the nomination form and has to be approved by the BWHA Board of Management as per the BWHA rules.

1.4              Attend the uniform allocation day to assist the BWHA Uniform Officer.

1.5              Ensure all players have been allocated uniforms with their correct playing number.

1.6              Remind all players/parents that they must pay for the tour and any merchandise purchased prior at least 7 days prior to departure.

1.7              Ensure all players have an alternate strip (shirt & socks) and take on tour number patches that correspond with the allocated shirt numbers (from Uniform Officer).

1.8              Ensure all players have returned all relevant forms to the office.

1.9              BWHA office will liaise with the Team Manager for assistance with notifying the Coach, Players, Umpires and Physiotherapist/Sports Trainers of all training sessions if required.

1.10           Liaise with the BWHA Office to organise room allocations.

1.11           Liaise with the Coach and Media Representative for promotions and publicity requirements.

1.12           Liaise with the BWHA office for details of any official function and/or activity at the Championships.

1.13           Organise Umpires for Training Sessions if necessary.

1.14           Be well acquainted with all Championship Rules, Conditions including drug testing policy, and BWHA guidelines and procedures.

1.15           Be aware of injury requirements eg. Blood to be removed (Blood shirt, spare uniforms)

1.16           Notify BWHA of any withdrawals and injured players requiring fitness tests.

1.17           Injured Player procedure:

1.17.1       Manager informs BWHA MDM of any injury to any player in the team

1.17.2       BWHA decide/ informs Player, Coach and Selectors of action.

1.18           Check that you have received a copy of the current HQ Tournament Regulation and HQ Policy and Procedures.

1.19           If necessary supply a copy of your Blue Card and Drivers Licence.


Transport to Championship/Venue - Air, Bus, Train or private vehicle:

Team Managers must ensure all members of the contingent know: - The correct travelling outfit to wear.

                                                                                                                           - The amount & weight of luggage allowed
                                                                                                                           - The meeting time and place

                                                                                                                           - If seatbelts are in the vehicle, ensure all passengers are wearing seatbelts at all times that the vehicle is                                                                                                                          moving or as directed (air travel).

                                                                                                                           - Check that the entire contingent is on the vehicle before it departs.

Team Managers may be required to: If over 25 years, to drive a hire vehicle; Sign for a hire vehicle; provide the BWHA Credit Card as a security for the hire vehicle; Organise transport to and from the field each day; make sure hire vehicles are acceptable and liaise daily with team so all players can get to and from fields (this may mean multiple trips); check that the entire contingent is on the vehicle before it departs.

Arrival at the Tournament Centre

On arrival at the lodgings, allocate the rooms and check that facilities are acceptable (if unacceptable contact Championship Convenor and BWHA Management as soon as possible).

4.1       Check if the financial arrangements are as pre-established

4.2       Check meals and venue and times

4.3       Check the training schedules (if appropriate).

4.4       U18, U15 and U13 – Find laundry area and organise process for laundering of team uniforms and clothes as required.


At the pre-tournament briefing meeting of the Tournament Director (Manager’s Meeting):

4.5       Attend the meeting with our other Team Managers and Umpires. (As per requested by Tournament Director)

4.6       Notify the Tournament Director on the appropriate form prior to the start of the meeting whether there are any amendments to the entry form of your team (no further amendments will be accepted after the meeting or less than one hour prior to the first match of the tournament, whichever is the later)

4.7       Advise the Championship Convenor if there are any concerns regarding your team lodgings, meals, transport arrangements and training schedules.

4.8       Ensure the organising committee has received the duly filled entry form for your team.

4.9       Receive any changes, directions or information regarding the tournament from Tournament Director, action as necessary.

4.10     Book seating time with Championship Photographer, including Umpire (this will be paid for prior to Championship)

4.11      Veterans: Ensure your team players who have nominated for a Queensland team has the correct colour ribbon pinned to their left, back shoulder area of their playing shirt.


Before a Match

5.1       Advise the contingent of the daily program including, uniform colours, match times, social activities etc. Alternative shirt and socks to be worn as requested by the Tournament Director.

5.2       Establish a regular meeting area/room.

5.2       Make sure that your transport schedule allows your team to be at the field of play in due time.

5.3       Ensure Umpires are catered for re: Travel arrangements to and from fields.

5.4       BWHA must have all representative teams at the official opening/march past if held. Organise appropriate uniform for each team (may be tracksuit/playing uniform etc) but all players in each team must wear the same uniform.

5.5       Deliver to the TD’s office at the agreed time during the pre-tournament briefing meeting, the numbers of the players whose name appear on the entry form, (excluding any player who has been suspended), who will be either on the field of play (maximum of 11) or seated on the team bench (up to 5) at the commencement of the match.

5.6       Make sure that your players practice only in the designated areas and do not enter the field of play prior to the permission of the TD.

5.7       Report to the Technical bench/table prior to the start of the match (time before to be confirmed at the Manager’s Meeting) for stick and goalkeeper’s equipment check (if requested). Hand in match sheet with the starting line-up, indicating Capt, Vice Capt and goalkeepers, and then substitutes (no more than 5 reserves allowed).

5.8       Check that your captain wears an armband or ribbon.

5.9       Check that your players are properly dressed at all times during the match ie.

            5.9.1   All jewelry to be removed or secured/taped.

            5.9.2   Correct hair ties as per centre rules

            5.9.3   Veterans: that players are wearing the correct colour ribbon for their age group if nominating for a Qld Team (back, left shoulder)

5.10     When the match is about to start, sit on the end of the team bench which is the closest to the Technical bench/table, and ensure that there are (9) nine only persons including yourself on the bench.

5.11     A suspended player is not permitted to sit on the team bench and must stay outside the technical facility areas surrounding the field of play during regulation time and rest time.

During a Match (must check Tournament rules and Regulations)

6.1       You are responsible for the behaviour of the persons seated at the bench. Ensure that all remain seated and that there is no vocal communication directed at the Technical Table, umpires, players and coaches of the opposing team.

6.2       When play is interrupted for incapacity, the only persons allowed to enter the field of play, when authorised by one of the umpires, is the registered team medical doctor, and /or Physiotherapist/ Sports Trainer. They will enter the field of play and offer assistance and /or remove incapacitated player when safe to do so (if your team does not have such registered officials, then you are allowed to enter the field of play together with the on-duty Physiotherapist/sports trainer/first aid attendant). The team coach may not enter the field of play at any time under any circumstances. No treatment for incapacity is allowed on the field of play except for an injured goalkeeper.

6.3       Once someone enters the field of play to review an injury, the injured player must leave the field for 2 minutes (except for an injured goalkeeper).

6.4       A player that has sustained an injury that has caused bleeding may not re-enter the field of play until the bleeding has ceased, the wound is adequately covered, the blood stained clothing is replaced and the equipment cleaned. If required, travel with the injured player to the hospital and organise a substitute manager.

6.5       Players wishing to take refreshment during a match, including during time stoppages, must leave the field of play and are permitted to re-enter it but not between the 23 metres line and the back lines (a goalkeeper may re-enter the field of play adjacent to the goal).

6.6       You are responsible for the proper application of the players substitution procedure:

  6.6.1   After having been given a board bearing the number of the player who is coming off, players entering the field of play in the frame of a substitution, must do so within 3 metres of the centre line and, if a field player, attract the attention of the player to be substituted. If the substitution is a goalkeeper, notify the Technical Bench of the substitution.

6.6.2   A substitute player is allowed to enter the field of play only when the substituted player has left it.

6.6.3   There must be an appointed captain on the field at all times during the match, who must wear a distinctive armband or ribbon

6.7       During the half-time break, team officials and players may leave their designated bench only with prior permission of the Technical Officer on duty and, in doing so, players must leave their sticks and goalkeeper’s their stick, hand protectors and headgear at the bench and must return not less than two minutes before the match is due to be restarted.

6.8       If during the match you are requested by the T.B to do something, do this immediately in accordance with the given instruction.


At the end of a match (including penalty stroke or shoot-out competition)

7.1      Check and then sign the Match Report and (Penalty Stroke/Shoot-out Competition Report, if relevant) and, in case of a protest, proceed in accordance with the tournament regulations.

7.2      After the match (or Penalty Stroke/Shoot-out Competition, if relevant) retire your team from the bench as soon as possible in order to make room for next team arriving (if relevant).

7.3    A player selected for testing by Anti-Doping teams after the match must remain under the supervision of the escort and must report within 60 minutes to Testing Site.

7.4   Media release sheet to be completed and faxed to BWHA, at the end of each day. Or ring in results each morning.


Before leaving Tournament Site                                    

8.1    It is the responsibility of the Senior Manager to ensure that all financial matters of the team/teams are settled.

8.2    All hire cars are filled with petrol and checked for any damage before being returned. Any damage must be documented and a report submitted to the BWHA Office upon return.

8.3    All rooms are checked for missed items or damage. Any damage must be documented and a report submitted to the BWHA Office upon return.

8.4    All BWHA Uniforms and Equipment are collected


After the event

9.1    Complete the Managers Report Proforma (as provided by BWHA) and return same to the Secretary within (14) days of the completion of the event.

9.2    Complete Finance Acquittal form, attaching dockets as necessary.

9.3    Return all equipment/uniforms to the BWHA office seven (7) days after the completion of the event.

9.4    Advise Championship total results, placings, awards (including umpiring and technical) and any higher team selections as a matter of urgency to BWHA immediately upon return.

9.5    Return items from small Manager’s kit (sunburn cream, band-aids, creams, clips, etc)


Team Manager’s Check List

          Know all travel details and ensure all of the contingent know them

         All correspondence regarding travel and accommodation bookings made prior to Championships.

         Small First-aid kit – band-aids etc. NB: Large kit will be with the Sports Trainer or Physio on tour

         Completed Medical forms for all members of contingent

         Rules & draw of Championships

         How to fill out a match sheet                                    

         Uniforms plus spare set for any blood-stained clothing.

         Spare playing numbers – corresponding with uniform shirt numbers being used.

         Sun Screen – all players to be given access to sunscreen and reminded to apply and reapply. Players to be directed to wear hats and sleeved shirts, and shelter in the shade when not on the field on play.

         Portable shade tents and tarpaulins when possible.


Senior Managers Check List -  as above plus BWHA Debit Card and if required return shield/trophies to the tournament.